GTK+ OpenGL Toolkit (OGLTK)

Release date : Sunday September 12,2004.

Current version of  gtkogltk is 0.4.0

Created by : John  Kiss


This release of gtkogltk adds two new glo objects, sphere and triangle. Documentation has been updated and is available with the source and online.


The next release 0.5.0, will have lots of changes to it. After a design review, the API will be updated and will most likely have changes to it which will not be backwards compatible. This needs to be done due to design errors and I personally feel it would be better to do it now, earlier, rather then later. I want to ensure that from 0.5.0 to a 1.0 release that the API will all be compatible.

Thank you
John S. Kiss


    OGLTK (ogle-tic) is an OpenGL toolkit for GTK.  This library gives programmers a very easy to use api to create amazing 3D applications. (Eg. Games, CAD)

OGLTK gives the programmer:

* OpenGL GTK Widget .

* A Scene object - Handles lighting and objects

* Lightsources

* Abstract 3D object class (GLobject)

* 3D Objects (Cube, Box and Gear, Cylinder, Disk, Sphere, Triangle) - Great examples of how to use the GLobject base class

Requires :


    Gtkglext 1.x

    OpenGL (Mesa 3.x and up)

*** Build the example apps to show how to set up the view, scene, lighting and how to use existing GLobjects within a scene.

*** See source files glo-gears.c glo-box.c glo-cube.c to see how to create your own 3D objects. Very easy.

*** View the README file in the source tarball for more info.


Gtk OpenGL Toolkit (gtkogltk) Reference Manual


    Proud to list it under the LGPL (GNU Lesser Public License)

    Example applications (Box and Gears) is licensed under the GPL.